Arabic Dishes


Experience the Charcoal, Broast& Friend Chicken dishes

Most popular dishes that you can experience from several people around the world are charcoal recipes, breast, and  Fried chicken.

Now you can enjoy flavored and unique Arabic dishes that are perfect in taste and must drool your tooth buds. offers these versatile Arabic dishes and is provided and prepared in a variety of ways.  The mouthwatering taste of fried chicken with its tantalizing aroma will surely satisfy your growled stomach. 



Why people of UAE refers cafeteria for chicken dishes?

People of UAE love to eat charcoal-grilled chicken which is prepared by our restaurant perfectly. It is one of the most popular items in which chicken is deeply marinated in a special blend of spices which gives a crisp aroma.

It is hard to resist the amazing presentation of charcoal chicken. It is served with a variety of slides and also prepared in various ways. You can enjoy it with rice, salad, and roasted vegetables as well.


Broasted chicken is also one of our most demanding dishes prepared at the restaurant.  It is prepared in a special roaster machine. Moreover, It is served as pressure-frying chicken with a crispy and crunchy exterior.


Everyone loves to eat fried chicken. It is served by restaurants, especially for chicken lovers. The golden brown chicken with perfect seasoning increases the heavenly taste. It is prepared in a light and crispy batter with a juicy and tender interior and crunchy outside. 




Experience the unique taste with the best flavours

The cafeteria offers perfect food with quality. People experience the food due to its authentic taste offered at a pocket-friendly price.   If you want to enjoy delicious food without paying so much, you can get meals at a very affordable price in the cafeteria as well. No need to break the bank to enjoy a happy meal. We provides you best dishes and has a specialty to provide you with these dishes at a low price with the best rates due to lower overhead costs. 


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