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Our karak tea is very famous for its taste and flavour and we also providing a variety of teas and coffees along with a number of snack items including shawarma, sandwiches Grill .

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Best Quality Guarantee is an chain of family restaurants.

Experience the Best Cafeteria in UAE

Refresh your day with a coffee or tea, might be one of your choices for sure. We are here in UAE to bring a refresher for you with our amazing and delicious foods and drinks. Experience the Best Cafeteria in Dubai that find a real refresher. Spend your weekend or the day beginning with a cup of coffee, snacks, and breakfast. Make your meeting in a space that finds the best choice with delicious pastries, burgers, Grill, sandwiches, and more freshly prepared. Cafeteria is your choice for anything in UAE that feels 100% comfortable.

Welcome to our restaurant and popular Cafeteria in Dubai – Sharjah, where you can experience culinary masterpieces. Indulge in Cafeteria signature dishes or try something unique with our weekly specials. Our cafeteria in Dubai and currently open inviting dining room and also take it to-go. You might be craving, well, we have something to satisfy your appetite that for sure you will rate 5/5.



Relax… it’s just heat & meat

Chinese flavours

Made Right. Make Delicious. Made Especially For You.

Our chinese menu consists of lots of fresh and delicious food items, which will lure you to plan a Chinese cuisine dine-in with friends and family.

Our valued customer review

Arun Krishnan
Local Guide
I'll give them five star. Bcoz nice snacks with maintaining good quality and quantity. Wide variety of snacks juice and mocktails. Really nice refreshing drinks they have . Once you go there it will be one of your best spot.

Rohail Awan
Local Guide
Believe me nobody will sell chicken burger for only 4 dirhams, its good in size good size of patty and good sauces inside , i just ordered it once and now ordering almost after 1 day gap. It super yummy n tasty. I recomend this to everyone.
Ree Reem
Local Guide
Tasty food dynamite shrimps are too good, nice sandwiches even fries also taste good

Cafeterias in Al Barsha, Dubai UAE

You might be planning your weekend in the search of Cafeterias in Al Barsha. Furthermore, you want to spend your family with the Best Outdoor cafes in Dubai, and experience Cafeteria Dubai for a better experience with amazing dishes. Along with the food and drinks, people choose a place to sit that gives the real ambiance. No doubt, you will experience it from our cafes in Dubai. Do you know why people of UAE loves Cafeteria? Know why:

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Plan your evening at Famous Coffee Shop in Dubai

You might be having a plan for the day, if it’s a weekend, spending time with your family or colleague will be amazing. Cafeteria is a real choice to enjoy the day with healthy recipes and find great comfort for a meeting. Relax and spend your day and your time that boost your life and positivity in you. Our Cafeteria is always a great refresher once you visit once and you will come all day. In terms of quality food and also you will experience the #1 Affordable cafe in Sharjah.

Everyone wants their day to remain positive all the time. If you believe a healthy breakfast, amazing lunch, as well a beautiful dinner whether Arabic dishes or anything brings positivity, rush to the cafeteria. You will enjoy the rest of the day for sure with amazing and feels positivity inside.